Therapeutics Products Act to be repealed

With the industry still awaiting more information on the repeal to the Therapeutic Products Act 2023 and the content of its likely replacement, CHPNZ has reached out to the Associate Health Minister in charge of the new legislation, Hon Casey Costello. We look forward to meeting with her in the coming month.  As part of the coalition government’s 100-day plan, work on the appeal of the Act has begun. 

Simpson Grierson’s Richard Watts and Sarah Lee recently provided a summary of the repeal decision, which, given the terms of the coalition government’s agreement, was not completely unexpected.  They pointed out that the Therapeutic Products Bill has been controversial since it was introduced to Parliament on 30 November 2022 and that NZ First leader, Winston Peters, indicated earlier this year that the party would repeal the Act.   

National and ACT had also raised concerns the New Zealand exporters’ global competitiveness would be decreased if the reforms came into law and the costs would rise for the natural health and cosmetics sector and their products. 

Watts and Lee reported that over the years Parliament tried to repeal and replace the Medicines Act 1981 a number of times and, in 2006 and 2011, bills addressing therapeutic products were introduced but ultimately discontinued.

They explain that this now means that the legislation originally intended to be replaced by the Act – the Medicines Act 1981, the Dietary Supplements Regulations 1985 and Sunscreen (Product Safety Standard) Act 2022 – will remain in force for the time being.

However, given the outdated nature of the current regime, there will still be a need to revisit some aspects over time, Watts and Lee said.  CHPNZ consider this an understatement, given the rapid and profound nature of the change demonstrated already by the new government, and is the reason for CHPNZ’s outreach to both the responsible Minister and to Medsafe officials to assist in the required content for any replacement legislation. 

We will keep members informed on developments and likely timelines as they become available. 

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