New pharmaceutical career “must-have” revealed

It's time to think seriously about internal mobility

Staff remain almost twice as long in pharmaceutical companies that offer internal mobility than those that do not, Australia’s ‘Pharma in Focus’ reports.

Organisations that excel in mobility keep their employees for almost double the average time, jumping from an average of 2.9 years to 5.4 years in the same organisation.An Australian webinar hosted by recruitment specialist PharmiWeb was told a third of employees say they aren’t encouraged to pursue new roles internally.

PharmiWeb managing director Vince Loby said a cultural shift triggered by the pandemic and a jobs shortage meant that employees were now “king” so internal mobility was not only a must-have but it also needed to carry a broad definition.

“You have to look at individuals. If they can do another job within your organisation, and you think they’re capable, it’s certainly worth offering that opportunity rather than losing them and trying to replace that person,” he said.

“Don’t approach internal mobility as a short-term fix. It is here to stay and something we need to consider at all times.”

Loby suggested employers look at different types of internal mobility, from vertical movement up to management positions, or laterally to other areas in the organisation.

“Think about different types of internal mobility. So it’s not just about new job roles, job rotations, mentoring, shadowing and cross training employees. It could be talking to employees about something they’ve not considered – a lateral move, for example,” he said.

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